I need someone who can write a WordPress plugin that pulls in a credit report from IdentityIQ (and others later) and extracts the data from it. I need it to turn some of the elements (e.g. name, address, etc.) and make them shortcodes (or something) so I can use them in various areas of the application. I have included an example video showing another program that works similar to what I want. I’m also open to suggestions if you understand what I want and have ideas on how I can have it done. I’m planning to develop this plugin into a system of plugins that work together. So the more modular you can make it, the better.

I’m looking for someone I can hire long-term. This project may continue for months. It would be nice to keep the same developer(s). After each phase, we will have our security check the code for malicious content, then we will proceed as code is cleared.

The video below show what I need done. It shows me going to a user list and clicking a button to add a report for that user. It then shows the upload report screen which allows me to automatically import the report from IdentityIQ.com or I can simply paste the HTML from the generated report page in the IdentityIQ site into the textbox. Then I press  the button to process the HTML and display the report in MY application the same way it looks on the IdentityIQ site. Once the report is imported, it will extract each element so I can use dropdown boxes to tag each element with descriptors from the dropdowns. I need each descriptor to mark an element for a different outcome when it is passed to the next part of the application which is the "letter generator". The letters will use shortcodes to fill in the name, address, phone, various items from the report, etc. once the letter is generated. I will demonstrate that part on a Zoom call during the interview process.

Example video:

Budget: $400

Posted On: March 31, 2022 08:06 UTC
Category: CMS Development
Skills:PHP, WordPress Plugin, JavaScript, MySQL, Plugin Development, Website Customization, WordPress, Custom PHP, jQuery, WordPress Theme, WordPress Development

Country: United States

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