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We are building a platform for turning processes into stories and as part of that we are using a plugin web story editor from Google https://wp.stories.google/ and as part of this we need to create a recording feature within our story editor to allow users to capture MP4 videos (with a choice of their camera, their screen and their microphone), preview, and sync them to the users WP media folder for use in their web stories.

Ideally, once the recording is completed if there is a period of time to wait, that this be minimised as far as possible and we have a lottie animation that can be set to run while the user waits and ideally the videos that are created have a file name that indicates the user name and date recorded or get saved into specific folders with tags that relate to the web story to avoid confusion, if possible.

We would prefer to use external software so that there is no change to the web story plugin. We have previously attempted to create this feature with a provider called ZipMessage.com (mostly because we are already using Zip Message for the collaboration pages on the site) but we encountered a few issues so we now need to decide on a new provider. We have shortlisted some possible providers below but we need an expert to review these, and others if necessary, to determine which might be most suitable prior to start;


Following our earlier attempt to integrate ZipMessage we need to avoid;

1. Double sign on as we cannot afford to develop an SSO at this stage.
2. Long delays between capture and video sync to the media folder.
3. The trimming function that is already a feature of the story editor needs to remain enabled as people may record videos that are longer but inside the story they will likely only want to use videos that are shorter.

Finally restricted content is being handled by the membership plugin (Memberful) but please bear in mind that only videos recorded by users in the same team should be visible / accessible to other team members and also that we need the design of the recording function to be small / minimal and in keeping with the design of the Google web story editor please.

Budget: $1,000

Posted On: March 09, 2022 07:08 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:WordPress, Web Development, API Integration

Country: United Kingdom

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