I would like to hire one person to do the following tasks:

1. Create a great  Landing page (including the copywrite) with a goal to generate increase in sales
2. Create a home page (one page) wih some basic elements to be used a sa product website.

https://delicioustasteofbalkan.com – This the page that aleady exists (WP)

3. Create and run 2-3 campaigns throigh facebook ads manager that will generate sales.

This is all for UAE market only, most of the Marketing here is done only on social media and people tend to read much less. They want to kind of have the main info now, rather than full info rather (however full info should be available if needed ). This is something based on my knowledge and expirience so far however feel free to propose your own approach.

Please propose your price for the whole project and the delivery date.
Thank you

Posted On: April 18, 2022 00:05 UTC
Category: Campaign Management
Skills:Copywriting, Facebook Advertising, Instagram, Facebook, WordPress, Landing Page, Home Page

Country: United Arab Emirates

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