Creating a theme based on instructions and designs given.

There will be one site with 4 pages. The mobile site should be a reduced sized version ie different .css file for the same info with a different menu depending on screen size.

I have the gateway info for Credit card payments, but there should be the ability to show available dates for each boat and click and pay for boat rental after signing an agreement. There also needs to be a backend page showing rentals for each day.

All text, pictures and vimeo links for videos, should be editable in WordPress admin and text/picture areas dynamic to fit text and pics.

Within site, all pics and videos should be clickable, I have a fancybox license and am fine with continuing to use that method to enlarge/play.

The contact page should be a popup with our contact details, no email need to to be sent from the site.

This is just an overview. All imagery will be provided.​

Coding the entire wordpress site as per instructions​

Skills and experience in wordpress and coding in html, css, php and js

Budget: $600

Posted On: April 18, 2022 01:15 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Adobe Photoshop, WordPress, Web Design, PHP, Web Development, WooCommerce

Country: United States

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