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We are a private Christian school looking for a new website design. We want a site that is new and fresh, yet communicates the quality, professionalism, and integrity that we bring to the education of our children.

At this point, we essentially need an updated version of our old website. The same copy and content for each page can be copied over. Our old website is just too sluggish, it’s so clunky with outdated plugins that pages take forever to load and we can’t make some of the changes we need to make.

Please look at our current site to get an idea: www.thecordeoschool.org
– Most pages are text, they just aren’t that complicated
– 34 total pages on the site right now, again, mostly text.
– We need the calendar functionality we currently have, along with the Facebook widget.
– We also have some giving plugins setup through GiveWP that we need to preserve.

I would be the website manager, and am familiar with building and updating wordpress sites, so I want to use a WP template that is beautiful but also simple and clear to use so I can make updates on my own and add new pages when needed. I need someone to help and do the main work of getting the new theme installed, building out the pages, and then I can work to do some of the polishing.

We will also be getting new photo and video content to re-fresh the page.

I’ve used two themes from Envato that I have loved in the past, and would like to do something similar. I’m open to your suggestion, but want a clean and stylish design, of course clean and mobile responsive.

You tell me:
Would we have to re-build the new site from scratch, or can we start by simply installing a new theme to preserve the pages we have?
Please provide a flat rate estimate for the project, and an estimated timeline (how long would it take)?
Also, we are open to switching hosting providers, and want you to help evaluate if we should stay with our current provider, or find an alternative. The only reason we’d consider switching is if they are part of the reason our site is slow, and we could have better performance on other servers.

Hourly Range: $12.00-$25.00

Posted On: March 11, 2022 23:01 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:WordPress, Web Design, Web Development

Country: United States

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