Restrict terms

A WordPress plugin to restrict post terms (categories and tags) per user.

Restriction relationship
Each user will have a 0-many restriction on categories and tags.

Preselected terms
All assigned terms must be preselected for the user, when making a new post. And the user cannot alter or change the terms. All post terms that haven’t been assigned to the user must be hidden.

However users that haven’t been assigned any restrictions, they can select categories and tags as normally done in WordPress.

The plugin will make a new menu item “Restrict terms” in the Dashboard under Settings. When clicked then a page with all users, sorted by role, will be loaded. For each user it should be possible to choose which categories and tags that are assigned automatically for them. If no categories or tags are assigned, then the user can select these terms by themselves while making a post.

Some users will have 1 category and 3 tags assigned. Other users will have 4 categories and 0 tags assigned. It varies a lot per user.

See attached mockup.

Budget: $150

Posted On: March 31, 2022 06:59 UTC
Category: CMS Development
Skills:WordPress, WordPress Plugin

Country: Denmark

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