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I need an experienced developer knowing how to navigate inside WP, edit CSS, troubleshoot and fix errors related to Elementor plugin.

The end goal is that the front end of the site or-blog.speed.cy to look like the design provided on the PDF file name Blog-list-layout.

To reach that goal I hired a freelancer who did part of the task but didn’t know how to do the final fixings.

If you decide to take this task, make sure you are experienced in HTML, CSS, PHP or WP development, so the task will not big a major challenge to you.

The errors simple:

1. Changes made on Elementor theme editor are not being pushed live or frontend.

2. The section "Newest from Category" needs to look like the design provided on the PDF file Blog-list-layout.

Things to add are:

CTAS "load more" and "Browse all posts" should look like the gif file provided.

The thing not to touch:

The sections "WE Accept", "Trustpilot reviews" header and footer

Please don’t apply if you are 100% sure you can deliver in 48 hours.


Budget: $50

Posted On: April 20, 2022 17:03 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Style Guide, Landing Page, WordPress, CSS, Elementor, PHP, HTML, Web Development, WordPress Development, Website

Country: Cyprus

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