This is for a long term part time job and we could give you good work for years!
Some of our artists, designers and programmers have been working remotely with us for 8+ years already which means we are a proven Company.

Instead of wasting part of your life searching for little jobs, why not work for a company that will give you great long term work? That’s the opportunity that we have today for you.

By applying to this job you certify that you have read the entire job post carefully and agree to its terms. You agree the points in this description will be a legal contract between us if hired!

Make sure that you can do the job requested BEFORE applying. By applying to this job application you agree to a short test in order to prove that you can do the work. We are NOT hiring Agencies at this time!

Please read the job description carefully.

This job position is for a WordPress Developer with serious talent and skill to turn any Website content as exciting and appealing.

By bidding on this job, you are claiming to be a WordPress Developer who has strong experience in creating fast, highly responsive mobile friendly websites.

Note: We already have many UX/UI designers on our team.

However, Website Design experience in addition to WordPress development
experience is a bonus (although not a requirement).

Our ideal WordPress developer is fast, flexible, proactive, a team player who is highly skilled, confident and curious. You will be a part of our Website Design team, working along side Programmers, Designers and Illustrators with the objective to constantly push our concepts and make them into something substantial.

This is a long term work opportunity and you should work updating the website as needed.

We work in a creative, productive and fast paced environment so being able to work effectively by yourself and also work as part of a team is critical. If you are looking for constant guidance then you are NOT at the level required for this job! You need to be able to recognize and act when Website content is out of date and needs to be updated without being specifically told so.

Highly effective TEAMWORK within our team is crucial!
Respecting pre-set deadlines and high level of responsiveness is a must!
You must be available for our team collaboration Webinars and able to work rapidly in real-time within these webinars!
All non-spam applications must include the words “To infinity and beyond” at the start of the application to show me that you actually took the time to read the requirements.
All of our team members are on-boarded to our project management system which you will be expected to use and collaborate effectively with other team members on. Knowledge of working in an Agile scrum environment is a plus.

Read the job description carefully and impress us with your WordPress Development work!


Work as a member our our creative team
Manage and update one WordPress Website
Team webinar attendance is critical! You must have a good working headset so that you can clearly communicate with low noise and no echo on our team webinars!
Collaboration with Concept Team on various brainstorming sessions to define and implement innovative ideas to our Websites.
Understand established design guidelines.
Communicating design ideas using user flows, process flows, site maps and wireframes.
Create Wire-frames, Mockups and Blueprints for Website layouts.
Research and Content Creation.
Design approved ideas for Websites.
Macintosh computer a bonus although not a requirement.
Website Design experience and knowledge of CSS, HTML, JS in addition to being a great WordPress Developer will be considered as an advantage.

We are looking forward to a great application.

If you are chosen, we can give you exciting steady work for years to come!

Posted On: February 15, 2022 18:10 UTC
Category: CMS Development

Country: Croatia

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