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Currently i have a plugin called content egg. It basicaly grabs prices from other online store and makes a price comparison website.

One of the modules of this plugin is amazon. Currently it grabs amazons prices without adding shipping prices. All i want to add to it is an ability to state the shipping price on the backend and it should be added as a total to the price.

Ive added an image, where this value defined in wordpress admin should be called at. This has to be a custom field that can be used on woocomerce products.

https://www.cloudways.com/blog/add-custom-product-fields-woocommerce/ ive used this guide and created the custom field onto my woocomerce product. All i need is help to print the value of it to where ive showed on the image as a addition. so


Posted On: February 23, 2022 05:10 UTC
Category: CMS Development
Skills:PHP, WordPress Plugin, WooCommerce, WordPress

Country: Sri Lanka

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