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I’m looking for an expert in creating and implementing WordPress Code Snippets and ShortCode. In particular, within WordPress.com’s newest theme framework.

This is tricky.

It also requires knowledge of the new backend structure of WordPress’ newer Block/FSE (full-site-editable) themes.

Now here’s some valuable information I only learned after many hours of discussions with 3 of the most senior level WordPress support personnel (I had to first speak with and screen through dozens of WordPress support to get this far!):

These newer themes (which WordPress exclusively features now) use templates that are COMPLETELY restructured and are, thus, radically different from all legacy themes. This is especially true with regards to PHP…

These newer Block/FSE themes don’t have PHP-based templates! They don’t use PHP!

Instead, these block themes use a theme.json file to define the look of the theme, with templates themselves created and modified in the site editor. In other words, customizations to each template can ONLY be done through the WordPress’s own built in block/FSE editor – or through code snippets and shortCode.

Not only that, WordPress support has confirmed to me that this will also be the case with all future 3rd party installations of WordPress. So I think all WordPress developers need to start considering this massive switch over to code snippets and ShortCode in the coming years.

The result of this is (1) WordPress will become like Wix (in fact, that’s their internal objective), (2) WordPress will lose most of their backend customizability, and (3) the front end customizability will become MUCH easier for WordPress users so that they won’t need to know any HTML/CSS/Javascript or hire any such developers.

I personally think this is a bad direction, but it is what it is.

What’s crazy is that very little of this information is public knowledge. It is kept within the high levels of WordPress.com.  But now you know.

Fortunately, those already experienced with code snippet and shortcode experience will have a leg up in this New Worldpress Order.

FYI: I am hosted on wordpress.com’s PRO plan which has SFTP and myPHPadmin access. However, WordPress.com is very, very restrictive and do not allow any tampering NOR COPYING of any of their php files in any of their own themes. No exceptions. Only outside 3rd party themes can have their PHP files copied or edited.

So what I need is a developer who is
1.  very experienced with code snippets and shortcode
2. can work with editing CSS and child themes (I am planning to migrate my WordPress.com installation to a 3rd party installation) due to wordpress’ severe restrictions.
3. Has a good knowledge of how WordPress implements the theme.json in their block/FSE themes so that we can make code snippets and shortCode that actually works!

Thank you.  

Hourly Range: $20.00-$150.00

Posted On: April 20, 2022 17:04 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:JSON, CSS, PHP, WordPress, HTML

Country: United States

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