We re up to create a web3 game with the goal to defend the amazon rainforest.

I saw your profile and thought it could interest you.

Currently we re up to publish a minigame with the goal to get followers on twitter, get e-mail addresses, posting the results on twitter etc.

We thought of using Gleam app but need someone who can professionally build that in wordpress.

Here the minigame we want to integrate https://lumberjackinvasion-edeb4.ondigitalocean.app/

and this is our current webpage for it www.climateguardians.io

Would you be interested?

Best wishes


Posted On: April 02, 2022 00:05 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:WordPress, HTML5, CSS 3, SEO, Scrum, Digital Marketing Strategy, Web Design, Customer Support, Inbound Marketing

Country: Austria

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