I have a website built on WordPress that I’m looking for someone to help finish and get ready to launch.

The website is already developed and is in staging. It just needs to final touches done. It’s likely only about 10-15 hours max involved but I’m looking for someone who can manage themselves, has a keen eye for detail and who’s experienced with both WordPress and copywriting. I need someone to help with this project as I just haven’t had the time to finish it.

Skills required in order of importance:

1. WordPress
2. Copywriting
3. Web dev
4. Web design

Here’s the brief. Upon application, the staging URL can be provided for review.

1. Write new, original copy on blank parts of the website. You’ll need to write this yourself (max 300-400 words over 5 pages). To do this effectively, coming from a digital marketing background will help. Much of the missing copy is FAQ questions (e.g ‘what is SEO?’, how much does SEO cost?’)

2. Go through and put together a document for any design changes you think are required and provide to me, before then implementing.

3. Add social links where applicable (there are fields in WordPress for each page so you can add them there)

4. Go through user testing on the website and put together a document for review then fix any bugs, missing images etc contained within the document. This includes mobile.

5. Update customer logos (I’ll provide a list)

6. Launch the website

If you have any questions, please let me know.



Budget: $450

Posted On: April 18, 2022 07:04 UTC
Category: General Project Management
Skills:WordPress, Copywriting, Content Writing, Web Development, Web Design

Country: Australia

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