New Website design –

Flexible with technology

You can use any existing theme that matches my requirement

Build a community website from scratch – Group buying/individual

Form groups by city.
Joining groups based on interesting categories and subcategories

Required mockup design or rough sketch with all screens from start to end

Admin can create any new category and subcategory-
Multi-vendor marketplace- Home services, personal services, Food, services, online services – products,  

If required customers purchases  for renewal – monthly – weekly

Multi-currency -Shipping – Deliver or pick up – customized- based on vendor

Group( team) buy feature – Ability to buy as a group or by an individual.

Only two roles
Customer and admin

Customers or admin create a group and buy the home services , food or products as a group or individual. Can shared through social media channels and other platforms


1. Registration/Login:
a. Candidates register via email and phone number, FB using OTP.
b. Set credentials(Password)
c. Forget the password module
2. Profile:
a. User can upload the  image
b. Set name /mobile number & email
d. Set address
3. Search by city
a. User can search home services( includes buying food)
4. Filters:Choose /By price/Location
5. Payments: Users can make payments online to use home services
a.  Stripe
Successful & refund Payments
7. Rating: Customers can give ratings
a. User can get a list of available services by city
b. Ask for a refund
11. Invite Refer a friend:
12 Dashboard
Profile updates /settings

1. List services
choose their offer start and end  dates and set price, offers
4. Create categories & subcategories
5. Personal wallet
a. Users can view and manage their total income in a personal wallet

a. Admin can set  discounts if more number buy for the categories
Users receive a push notification when there is an offered service
12. Dashboard
a. Profile setting
b. Profile management
c. Total services
d. Reports
1. Admin has controls to update content and rules.

3. Admin has CRUD controls for all profiles.
5. Money management module to add and update accounts.

Customizable to add any home services
Admin can complete the transaction if the minimum number of people joined Buyers’at particular service
Invite feature is added to show one member is required to get monthly income

Payment  stripe
Offers – services a time limit is there to get the offers.

Buyers can group themselves. Buyers ability to use group buyinRedditure to use the home services by individual

The site operates in different countries

Customers can share offers send messages to the groups and also all social media log in, And also other platforms like Reddit, quora, we chat  and what’s up

Admin can send I
offers to the customer ( phone no and also his/ her all social media platforms )

Please see the below links
This website is similar to a home service website but we are adding a group buy feature and buyer create groups.
Groupbuy feature implementation
Invite feature I will explain myself

Posted On: March 31, 2022 01:09 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Web Development

Country: Canada

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