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I’m looking for a web designer to help make my templates a functional website. There will be 2 pages that have to be coded, first the landing page, and then a thank you page after they fill out the contact section or estimate box regarding their inquiry.

Also, once they fill out the information in the box, I would need an email to be forwarded containing all of that information so I can do a calculation to provide them a price.

For example, when the customer fills out the box I will receive the following script to my email:

Your Name or Company Name: John

Phone Number or Email: 1888 222 1111

Pickup address: 1000  SW 500 St, NY, NY, 12345

Drop off address: 1000 NW 100 Ave, NY, NY, 12345

Pick up Time: 1pm

Drop off Time: 5pm

Product Type: Dog Food

Budget: $800

Posted On: March 09, 2022 02:50 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Web Design, HTML, WordPress, Web Development, CSS

Country: United States

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