A form to fill out with different options to choose from for a separate service in my existing website. Along with a chat window that can be used by a live agent from a company answering service I can hire.  And also a callback option where they can press a button to get called back. It’s for appliances, there would be a title of the company at the top.   They would choose either a (stainless steel or black) refrigerator (water line and ice maker must be added automatically with a price for each) or dishwasher (kit must be added automatically with a price for each) or microwave or range (three or four-prong outlet) (gas or electric). Then they would pick the date range of delivery, no weekends (must state no holiday deliveries). Then they would type the lockbox code. There will be a notes box.  Address for the house broken up into sections.  Name of project manager and cell number and email address.  Work order number.  Must state at the bottom $75 delivery fee if the house is not accessible.  Also, say installation is not included.  A confirmation page before submitting. A copy of the order must be sent to their email copying another email address I will provide.  The important thing is that I must be able to edit the drop-down list for any of these options.

Budget: $250

Posted On: February 15, 2022 21:11 UTC
Category: Front-End Development

Country: United States

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