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Let’s build something smart and powerful.

We need a coder. Someone good and creative. Not robot… Someone willing to be challenged and be proactive. To be part of the team to grow with us.

I really want work with someone special has the same vision and passion as everyone on the team – (sorry if you’re applying as an Agency we can’t work together – nothing personal…).

Our team is experienced in running ecommerce businesses that are successful.
(aventi.com, sforcewatches.com, superx.co + more) and we need a team mate who will take part in the discussion and help us create amazing solutions that take our ecommerce sales and business management to another level.

For me web development and the code is the backbone our success. It’s the experience that makes or break the sales. We  design  flows and concepts, but we need someone capable to help us build them into reality. OR someone to tell us what’s a better idea and to be part of building and shaping our future.

I want to build smart. Not waste time or energy but achieve the goal in the most effective way possible. To build sites or applications as required.

(Do say how you feel about purple bananas in your proposal, so we know you’ve read this thoroughly.)

Why should we constantly do product launches requiring new websites every few months? Can we build a process that design can be updated with copy and images by someone without code knowledge? (creating a template for the next few years and an interface to update as new products are released)?

Can we build workflows to help manage communication / tasks better than these useless project management tools?

We have a lot of new approaches to running business – but I really need a good coder who is hungry to build meaningful solutions. To be challenged and grow. We have great ideas that will be used by many people outside of our team – I know this because these are the same problems I’ve been facing for 10 years and still there aren’t any decent solutions.
I believe we have an amazing team and environment where someone who wants to feel part of a team and part of meaningful development / challenge can really feel satisfaction and purpose.

– work only with us- we need to know we can rely on you making our business together a priority
– give realistic deadlines and adhere to them
– implement from XD files
– good knowledge of Shopify including it’s PLUS capabilities
– WordPress experience
– able to build bridges and integrate between platforms/app (ex. Shopify + Hubspot)
– good communication skills – translates the technical into easy to understand concepts and problems/solutions
– able to make themselves available at specific times required for campaign launches (a few times a year)
– ability to build workflows / processes to streamline workload

– proven 3 years or more of experience with similar jobs

What to send (How to apply):
– show us what you’ve done before (only your work you’re most proud of) – even we are technically e-commerce business, send us websites that are not typical e-commerce layout only.
– how do you usually work on projects? what’s your workflow like
– check our brands and let us know your thoughts on them 🙂

Thank you for reading and hope to meet you soon!

Hourly Range: $15.00-$30.00

Posted On: January 10, 2022 00:35 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Website Optimization, Ecommerce Website, Web Development, API, Web Application, Shopify, Optimizely, A/B Testing, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, jQuery, PHP, WordPress

Country: Hong Kong

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