I’m working with a vegan chocolate selection box startup company (it’s a mouthful, just like our product).

Our adorably terrible website has served its purpose of sustaining us through the ‘proof of concept’ stage as we now seek to Sparta kick down the doors of online and commercial retail.

We are scaling from selling our (incredible tasting) product at market stalls into the big bad world of high street retail; so we need a website that looks more designed by a pro, and less by a hedhehog on crack.

There’s literally 3 pages which need a make over: a landing page, a product/shop page, and an about page – I don’t have any specific requests cos I’m assuming one of you web wizards will have some funky ideas of how to upgrade our shit so I can proudly send it to my retail sales leads (instead of apologising for almost giving them epilepsy – https://o-riginals.com/).

I need a good designer to:

– create beautiful landing page

– use the space better so there’s less horrible empty background

– rearrange the media (one video and a few pictures)

– create better transitions between pages and maybe add some subtle effects so user experience is more vibrant and dynamic (whatever you think works)

I’m not tryna take the piss with low price, but we are still early days in our business so I’m not expecting javascript sorcery, I just need a smoother, more popping website than my current one – I look forward to hearing your offers.

(ps –  Bear in mind this current job is a quick fix to an immediate problem – as we scale up and generate more revenue, we will need more work done for higher cost so feel free to pitch me ideas about how you could build this into something serious.)

Budget: $350

Posted On: March 31, 2022 12:08 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Landing Page, Website Redesign, Web Design, Shopify, WordPress, Web Development, CSS, HTML, User Flow

Country: United Kingdom

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