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I am in need of new, long-term project manager who is proficient in WordPress, particularly Elementor. I am in need of someone to help manage web design projects. This role will be a very important team member who makes sure things get done and flow efficiently.

I am NOT looking for a web developer or web designer! I already have these team members in place. I am looking for a project manager to help manage the web design projects. You will be the person who corresponds with the team, including the web designer and the web developers, to get projects done for clients.

While you do not need to be a designer or developer, it helps if you have a good eye for design and have basic experience with Elementor.

Here is my wishlist of what I need:

* Someone who is available daily, Monday-Friday on a consistent basis. While this is not full-time at the moment, I just need someone who I know will be consistently respond. I am willing to work with hours that are more convenient to you, but if you are available anytime between 10am-5pm EST – that is a big plus!

* Someone who is proficient in English and can communicate/write well.

* Someone who is familiar with WordPress. While I don’t need a developer, I need someone who knows the basics and has a good eye and sense of design! Experience with Elementor is a must.

* Someone who is a fast learner and obviously tech-savvy as I have various admin (non-WordPress) tasks I constantly need help with.

* Someone who can manage projects and tasks with efficiency and proficiency. Will help improve current administrative systems.

* Someone who doesn’t need to be micromanaged and can take the lead on a task. I need someone who is capable of making good judgment on web design projects.

* Someone who is trustworthy and can sign an NDA.

Your Proficiencies and Performance:

Affinity for web design and/or marketing:
Being open and curious to learn more about marketing is a must. While we will train you on the exact tasks that need to be done, you will be required to eventually take the lead. Your understanding of WordPress is important for organization growth and success.

Affinity for Technology:
We’re looking for someone who is tech-savvy and will not be intimidated by learning new technology.

Quality Communication:
You must be an excellent communicator, in both written and oral form. This includes proficiency in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. As a marketing assistant, being able to proofread and edit content is essential. You will also be working directly with clients, designers, and developers to delegate, solve technical problems, provide customer support, and assist in project development.

Efficient & Organized:
Is organization your thing? Great! Being organized will allow you to work more efficiently and get more done.

As a project manager, you’ll have to review your work and the work of the team so we can present excellence to clients. Staying sharp and being thorough with projects is must. If you are reading this and plan to apply, please tell me your favorite food. Only those who read this and follow these simple directions will be considered. 🙂

Being proactive means thinking about the future, planning, and preparing for what lies ahead. Rather than wait for someone to tell you exactly what is needed, you anticipate the expected and take action.

Eager To Learn & Grow:
If you are someone that loves to learn and you see the importance of embracing opportunities for growth, you’ll fit right in. The world of web design and marketing is always changing, so we have to continue to evolve with the industry and keep an open mind.

If you feel like you would be a good fit, please inquire. Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting you!

Hourly Range: $14.00-$25.00

Posted On: April 20, 2022 04:03 UTC
Category: General Project Management
Skills:WordPress, Virtual Assistant, Elementor, Web Design, HTML, Project Management

Country: United States

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