I have a data file uploaded to my WordPress site, in Media Library. My site is hosted by Bluehost.  The data file has a list of stores (name, phone, address, latitude, longitutde). I want to show a google map with the locations of those stores. I want to cluster the stores with MarkerClusterer.

I wrote the code and was able use fetch() to get the datafile from my media library. I also go the stores to show up on the map. I got as far as getting the cluster numbers show up but with broken image links.  I was just able to fix this problem when wordpress stopped letting me update my post. I couldn’t get any javascript to update on my wordpress. even if I use simple sample code.

Looking for someone who has handled something like this before. Or move the code into a separate .js file that won’t be removed next time the theme updates. Any possible way to make a module out of the code for future use like using shortcode?


attaching the code that I tried to add to the post.

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Posted On: March 21, 2022 16:04 UTC
Category: Front-End Development
Skills:AJAX, JavaScript, WordPress, PHP, Google Maps API

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