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I need someone with experience designin websites. Not people who use templates from themeforest and install them on a WordPress and they call themselves web designers.

I need a real web designer who creates designs from scratch, who is creative and responsive to feedback. Someone who asks questions and tries to understand the idea as much as possible so that they execute as clear as possible to the initial idea.

Ideal candidate has marketing knowledge and knows what a CTA is and how colors affect buyers

I need help with:
Banners/UI for certain web pages
Design from a brief of websites
Design from a brief of landing pages

Thank you

Hourly Range: $15.00-$20.00

Posted On: April 20, 2022 17:03 UTC
Category: UX/UI Design
Skills:Prototyping, InVision, Web Component Design, High Fidelity Design, Responsive Design, Web Design, Adobe XD, Graphic Design, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Country: Romania

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