We’re seeking an experienced content writer to help us enhance the travel content on our website.

We’ve been focusing on travel news, but we’re making a shift toward informational and blog content over breaking news.

We’re seeking a writer who can write about airlines, hotels and cruises. These articles should be informational. For example, a general overview of a cruise ship. What restaurants are on board? What kind of sailings does the ship do? What can passengers expect?

For hotels, tell us about the rooms and the amenities at the hotel. What’s Nearby? etc.

These articles should be around 300-400 words each. Topics are loaded into our WordPress as drafts ready to be claimed and written.

Native and/or proper English is required. We don’t have time to edit each article so we’re trusting it sounds as though a native speaker wrote the piece.

Please let us know what your quote is per-article.

Posted On: February 17, 2022 17:02 UTC
Category: Content Writing
Skills:Content Writing, Travel & Hospitality, Blog Writing, Blog Content

Country: United States

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