Hi, I recently purchased a few URLs on GoDaddy that I need moved over to our WP Engine. There are 3 URLs:

insightsabm.com (primary/main URL we will be using and what our emails will be tied to)
abminsights.com (secondary URL that will forward to insightsabm.com)
abminsight.com (secondary URL that will forward to insightsabm.com)

Once the URLs are moved to WP Engine, I’d like you to:
– Verify our domain in Google Workspace
– Connect our Gmails to the insightsabm.com domain in Google workspace
– Setup a basic wordpress install on insightsabm.com and provide me login details, etc.

Apologies in advance if the steps are listed a bit out of order 🙂

Hourly Range: $12.00-$25.00

Posted On: April 20, 2022 05:07 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:WordPress, GoDaddy, CPanel

Country: United States

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