hello how are you dear writers
I have a plugin that pulls news via rss to my news site.
This plugin has a few minor flaws.
does not generate auto seo
The news coming to the site I am looking for is to create automatic seo in itself.
my news site uses yoast seo
Yuast seo’s mandatory fields to a certain extent,
I want him to put the title and summary of the news.

news we see in this video
I want all non-seo news to be edited automatically like this news.

i have a plugin like this
but it only does the news it pulls from the admin panel given by the news agencies.
your other stories don’t

Fields that need to be filled automatically as in the pictures.
these are the fields

Best regards

Budget: $8

Posted On: March 29, 2022 22:07 UTC
Category: CMS Development
Skills:WordPress, SEO, SEO Keyword Research, HTML, On-Page SEO, Google Analytics, SEO Backlinking, Organic Traffic Growth, SEO Writing, SEO Audit

Country: Turkey

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