I have a unique setup… I have an AWS EC2 instance that I use for one Web based service, and I have another EC2 instance that is running WordPress. I want the two instances to use the same domain name to serve different content, so I wrote a tunneling tool in PHP that tunnels some requests through the first EC2 instance to the WordPress EC2 instance. The first instance does all the HTTPS stuff and then decides whether to handle the request itself or pass it on to the WordPress server.

This usually works fine, but I noticed sometimes the Web pages served by the WordPress server are not looking correct. I suspect that some of the CSS files for example may not have loaded. If I refresh the page it seems to correct the problem, so this seems an intermittent issue. I don’t see any errors on the server side when this happens. Also, I rarely see this problem, but I suspect it happens more often for people who visit the site for the first time.

I need someone to dig into this issue and identify the cause, and find a solution. This will not be an easy task because the issue is intermittent. I expect you’ll need to find a way to hit the server a number of times, each time without any cached content, until the problem appears, and then review the client logs to see whether there were files not served, or files served with garbage content, etc. You may need to get me to add logging in my PHP tunneling tool to track down the problem.

Another possible action is to compare the results when you hit the WordPress directly rather than tunnel to it, and perhaps narrow down whether this is in fact a tunneling problem or a problem with the WordPress server..

Here is a page that comes directly from the WordPress site: http://wp.aralista.com
And here is the same page through the tunneling: https://socialattache.com

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Posted On: February 15, 2022 23:13 UTC
Category: Systems Administration
Skills:Amazon Web Services, HTTP, Server Administration, Computer Networking, WordPress

Country: Canada

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