We need to create Yelp autoresponder that will respond to customers’ messages received on Yelp based upon trigger words in the body of the message. Custom trigger words and corresponding auto-response will be entered into the app.

This app will be accessed on a website located on our servers where clients can sign up for the service based on a monthly service fee, therefore it will need to be integrated with Stripe.com. App needs to be able access the clients biz.yelp.com account in order to reply to messages received.

The client’s control panel will allow:
1) The trigger words to be entered along with their corresponding auto response.
2) Billing information inputted. The app will be integrated with Stripe so clients can sign up to use the service on a monthly basis.
3) Have area to input the client’s Yelp credentials in order for the app to connect to their bix.yelp.com account.
4) Option to cancel service.
5) FAQs/support page.

The admin’s control panel will allow:
1) An area where the amount monthly service fee can be adjusted. It will automatically update the amount shown on the website.
2) Access to all clients accounts.
3) Stripe/merchant account information.

Thank you for submitting your bids. Looking forward to working with you!

Budget: $800

Posted On: February 17, 2022 21:05 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Web Application

Country: United States

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