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We want to build a web package/parcel forwarding app. There are apps/websites that do the same thing if you want to get a grasp on what are we expecting. This is the user flow:
1. I am a buyer from anywhere in the world – but I want to buy items from Amazon that are only shipped to US.
2. I am registering into the platform, pick a membership plan ( 3-4 possible )  
3. Once registered, I get a valid and unique US address
4. Now I can go on any website and order with the address provided in the app, let’s say Amazon.
5. Amazon ships my items to the warehouse.
6. Packages’s AWB, content etc are registered and the admin can send the customer a notification that his package arrived.
7. The customer can then make a request to ship the order to his desired address or have multiple orders send at once, and so saving costs.
8. There will be generated another AWB when the package is sent from the warehouse to the customer’s address, thus assuring transparency. Also there will be generated a bill for the fees
We are looking forward to talk to you about any details whatsoever.

Posted On: March 29, 2022 15:06 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:WordPress, PHP, CSS, WordPress Development

Country: Romania

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