I have a website. It includes different tools within the service. We want to add a system that controls the number of sessions each user has (how many devices are connected at once). The system has a paywall. We use stripe. It is a monthly subscription (automatically renewed) with a 15 day free trail period.  We want this access management system to work with this payment system.  

We want to be able to manage user access and limit the number of simultaneous sessions the users have. We also want to know how many times they log in, how long are they logged in, implement an automatic way to close their sessions after a while, control their access if they haven’t paid.

We are not developers. Therefore, we highly value honest input and guidance as to features that we may be missing or aspects of the system that we are overlooking.   

Budget: $300

Posted On: April 19, 2022 17:11 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:API, API Integration, Website Optimization, Web Development, Auth0, Microsoft Azure

Country: Mexico

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