In a search for a contractor to work with the company’s websites and subdomains.
EN priority, but we have RU versions also.


Best practices of interaction between websites, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Ads.

Excellent knowledge of Google Tag Manager:
– Workspaces
– Containers: when it’s better to use separate containers
– All trigger types
– Tags: custom codes, ordering, connecting
– Templates: how and when we should use them
– Variables: User-Defined Variables, Lookup Tables, RegEx tables, using variables
– Passing variables and site/actions/events data to Google Analytics and Google Ads

Excellent knowledge of Google Analytics:
– Apps and Views
– Goals and Conversions (conversions filtering)
– Custom Reports

Excellent knowledge of Google Ads:
– Audience manager
– Basic JavaScript: understanding of side code, selectors, working with variables, async loading

WordPress Advanced User

Basic Google Optimize

Posted On: February 16, 2022 07:05 UTC
Category: Search Engine Optimization
Skills:SEO Setup & Configuration, Google Ads, WordPress, On-Page SEO, Google Analytics, Organic Traffic Growth, Google Tag Manager

Country: United States

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