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Add in the site a new tab in the site named "Licitaciones Visitas Guiadas" and when you click then have a calendar in where a max. of 25 people can make reservations (but no payment, all the tours in this section are going to be free)

The thing is have this calendar and in the panel the administration have it more easy, because right now they have it in here:–madrid/free–events/visita-guiada/?page=1

And they said is crazy because in this site (evenbrite) don´t have a limit an recieve like 1,000-2,000 reservations and is impossible for them.

They basically will have in this new section they want to include this calendar an event each month, so is important the calendar function can be added or modified each month.

That they can add restriction for example 25 persons max. and a max. of 3 groups )is an example)

This site is a WordPress, I think you have the credentials because a few time ago you make some changes in here, biut if you donñt have it and want to see the site, just ping me!

In this calendar the user will not pay nothing, are free tours, I tell you this because I want to clear that this will not have any payment method.

(but without prices)

Hourly Range: $10.00-$20.00

Posted On: March 10, 2022 11:00 UTC
Category: Digital Marketing
Skills:SEO Audit, SEO Keyword Research, Yoast SEO, Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEO Backlinking, Blog Writing, Off-Page SEO

Country: Spain

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