A website (www.juhn.com) should be completely recoded and adapted to a new wordpress instance. The website is made already with ACF and some additional plugins, but our wish is, to have a absolute slight website and the pages should be easy to manage.

Here you can find the requirements and improvements:
– achieve a score of +90 in PageSpeed
– improve the animation of the header-area (better performance)
– Stage: the logos should be clickable
– on the right side, you can find a sidebar: if someones open the contact form, area around the contact form should be darkened
– On the footer you can see the google ratings: it should just show ratings above 4,5 stars

– Add a new page with oembed function for videos
– Integration of Google Tag Manager (GDPR compliant)
– Newsletter-signup for Zoho campaigns – here we need a sign-up form and a automation to add the mails to our list

Job Section:
– create a job-section with functionality to switch the view between masonry or table
– Add a filter functionality, where you can choose the departments, location and graduation (both as dropdown)

– Here we need a search function: https://www.juhn.com/fachwissen/
– on blogposts it should be easily possible to define the contact persons – right now its not easy, becuase you can define only by category: https://www.juhn.com/fachwissen/digitale-steuerberatung/datevconnect-online/
– Achieve star-rating for blog posts, if the blogposts appears on the search results of google
– in the end, we have multiple locations we can show (see: https://www.juhn.com/fachwissen/internationales-steuerrecht/eu-schiedskonvention/) – here we need the functionality to add multiple locations
– Videos: a better solution for implementation fo videos? (see right sidebar)

– it should be easy to add another menu for specific pages instead of having everywhere the same menu
– if possible and only if its seo-friendly: can we put videobackgrounds at the intro-area?

Posted On: March 31, 2022 13:07 UTC
Category: CMS Development
Skills:WordPress Development, Website, Front-End Development, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Elementor, WordPress, WordPress Theme

Country: Germany

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