Hey there, per our conversation, we’re looking for someone to do a few things on our e-commerce website and wanted to get a quote from you guys. We’re looking to get someone started ASAP.

and the bigger job is that we are looking for someone to make a wrapper around a delivery company’s API. You will also have to capture the user’s address and phone number for orders. We also will need to be able to respond to webhooks that the delivery company has. This is where we will use Twilio to make SMS messages telling the customer that the delivery driver is close and when the driver has arrived.


A Notification of payout errors

Background: There is an asynchronous job that is run via Celery/Redis. This job is the one that calculates the splits (the percentage of the sales that go to SEELA, our company, and the vendor). Right now, if the task errors out for any reason, there is no notification to the end user that something went wrong. There is also no visual feedback to see transactions failed.

Solution: We need to record the information that goes inside of the payment task. Each payment task will make a series of calls to the Stripe API to trigger the splits. The result of these series of calls need to be captured in the database, along with the order ID. When the task is complete a message should be sent to Elizabeth Bowman with a link to a page that shows the results. This will require building a new page in the dashboard and creating a new django DB model.

Text Notification to Vendors

Background: There is currently no mechanism to notify vendors via text that they need to approve their orders or update their inventory.

Solution: We need to capture the vendor’s phone number via the Django User model. We then need to create a cronjob that will send out a mass text to all of the vendors that have pending orders on Friday morning. The message body of the text will come later but should be something like, “Please login to to view your pending orders. This is the last day to approve orders.”

We also need a separate cronjob that will run every morning. This cronjob will query the database and look for product variations that have a “max_quantity” value less than 3. Max_Quantity can be null but if it is null, then we can skip it.

The text will be personalized for each vendor, meaning that it will list the number of products that are running low with the message, “Please update the inventory for your products.”

This solution will require modifying the User model and interacting with the Twilio API.

Export CSV for CRM

Background: SEELA uses a CRM called Network for Good. They want to be able to export a CSV of the customers for the app. Each subsequent export should only export the

Solution: We need to create a new Django model to hold information about each time the export is called. This will hold the number of users that were exported and the date the last time the job ran. Whenever the export is called, the system will query the database for users that were added after the date the last time the export was called. This way, we only get the new people and don’t have any duplicates to their CRM. The file will be force downloaded from the browser. This will require creating a form on the django admin backend and creating a new Django DB model.

Budget: $700

Posted On: February 17, 2022 15:11 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:WordPress Plugin, WordPress, Ecommerce Website, Custom PHP, Python

Country: United States

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