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So I’m going to start selling a digital product via Gumroad.

Those who make the purchase will basically be redirected to an otherwise restricted page in my WordPress site.

To do this, I did manage to get Gumroad to generate unique license keys per each sale, but I can’t do the rest (getting my WordPress page to ask for the license key, and allow/deny accesses accordingly). It’s too technical for me.

I need someone to handle this ENTIRE process for me.

The product is up and running on Gumroad right now, AND the page is also ready. I just need someone to help me with the integration.

I contacted Gumroad customer service about this and here’s what they told me:

"Hey there,

You can use Custom Delivery and link this wordpress page only for the customer who purchase this product.

You’ll have to first set up your WP site in order to retrieve data from Gumroad’s endpoints. There very well might be an API plugin to do this already…but I’m not too sure which one is best or which one will suit exactly what you are thinking.

You will want to specifically integrate verifying licenses within Gumroad’s API, though. This would mean after getting a successful response from Gumroad’s API, it would validate and grant access to your WP site/page.

I’m not too sure the easiest way to do that in WP, though. That’s a little beyond our scope of our support at Gumroad. But after you’ve set it up, we can certainly help if you are having problems making calls to Gumroad’s API, or you aren’t getting back a successful response to validate information.

Hope this helps a little!

Timothy, Gumroad"

Budget: $200

Posted On: March 29, 2022 12:12 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:API, API Integration, WordPress, Web Development, PHP, HTML

Country: Turkey

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