Recently our OVH server was placed into "HACKED" mode. or Rescue mode inside OVH. Since this time our server has been down. This due to two wordpress website being compromised (phising email hack). OVH put the server into this mode because of complaints from other websites whose customers were being attacked from this hack.

We have since delete the two wordpress accounts from the server to fix the problem. We then requested the server to be removed from the HACKED Status from the abuse team at OVH. We were given these instructions from OVH.

-Login to your OVH Web Control Panel
-Go to the page of the server you wish to unblock:
-Click on the 3 dots (…) option under "Status" section.
-Click "Unblock"

Please get back to us if you are not able to unblock the server on your end.

We followed these instructions and contacted OVH. Since this time the server has been placed back into rescue mode. Below is the current message we received from OVH.

Your server has been started in ‘Rescue’ mode. This has either been requested by you in the OVH manager or a technician has had to do this because of an error that needs to be resolved in Rescue mode.

This mode means that a basic Linux/BSD system has been launched on your server through the network. This is not the system installed on your server.

You may connect to your server through SSH with the following details:
  – IP: ????????
  – user: ????

You can now carry out the maintenance required to the repair your server.

For example, you can:
        – check and update your network configuration files,
        – check and decontaminate your firewall if required,
        – check and update your GRUB (or to configure another Netboot via the network)
        – launch a manual check of your file systems,
        – carry out backup or restoration of data,
        – etc.

If you think you have identified and fixed the problem and wish to boot from
the OS installed in your server, you must configure the ‘Netboot’ in the OVH Manager to the HD or to an OVH-certified kernel:
You may then soft-reboot your server (avoid reboots via Manager).

We need your help restore the server ASAP.

What is your experience with OVH?

Hourly Range: $35.00-$63.00

Posted On: April 20, 2022 00:00 UTC
Category: Systems Administration
Skills:CPanel, Linux System Administration

Country: Australia

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