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We recently launched a new website for our Shopify accounting app. We have a bunch of content being produced and published on our new blog, and impressions on search engines are going up.

Our SEO focus has three parts:
1. Earning impressions
2. Optimizing clicks from search [we are here]
3. Optimizing conversion to new leads

With impressions secured and growing, I’d like to close the loop on the process through a teammate who can complete the following on a recurring basis:

1. Interact with content team and compile produced content into new blog posts per our process
2. Use SurferSEO to optimize our existing posts, write additional content within them, add screenshots, and drive on-page optimization for target keywords so content scores are higher than our competition
3. Optimize the CTR from the search pages to increase the traffic
4. Start focusing on content upgrades and lead generation from traffic landing on our blog
5. Link building
6. Lead magnets

This is an SEO-heavy marketing role that will lead directly to a head of marketing promotion for our Shopify app portfolio.

I’m looking for a resourceful individual who’s looking to put most of their energy on something that has a very high chance of success with a big opportunity attached.

If that sounds like you, please compose a unique letter indicating why you want the role and please mention any previous work you’ve done for Shopify apps, SaaS, content marketing, SEO and any other related activity that would be relevant.

Please start your application with the word ‘Zebra’ to confirm you’ve read this message.

Posted On: March 21, 2022 16:05 UTC
Category: Search Engine Optimization
Skills:SEO, SEO Audit, SEO Keyword Research, Google Analytics, SEO Backlinking, On-Page SEO, HTML, CSS, WordPress, SEO Strategy, Google Search Console, Organic Traffic Growth

Country: Canada

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