Hi, hope you are doing well. I have a project that I want to discuss with you. I want a website for my NFT project, I want to mint & sell my nft’s on my site. But I also want to upload it on opensea too after the mint. I listed all things below, Can we discuss it more in detail.

• Buy/Mint NFT
• Wallet Integration
• Mint engine
• Polygon Network
• Smart Contracts
• Merch Buy/Sell
• Print on demand
• Blog Setup
• Full admin panel with complete control
• Design and development
• Responsive on IPad + Mobile + Desktop
• Social media linked
• Unlimited Revisions
• Custom High-End Design
• Speed Optimization
• Fully Secure site
• SEO Optimized site
• Free additional support for 6 months
• Video Lesson to use site
• Upload Content on website
• Solving a NFT Puzzle like this ( https://coldie3d.com/Build-Your-Own-Edward-Snowden-Decentral-Eyes-Portrait )

Posted On: February 15, 2022 18:11 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Python, Prototype JavaScript Framework, JavaScript, Web Development, Web Design, Solidity, NodeJS Framework

Country: Pakistan

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