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We required News Agency website in WordPress.
In news agency there will be 2 part
1 Will be Stinger/Reporters who will upload content from front end.
they have to register first and then we will approve that Stinger/Reporters then they can login in their account .
there are 2 types of content
    1 : Article based News in article there is News title, News Story-description, News photos, etc
    2 : Video based News- in Video News there will be News title, News Story-description, News photos, and News Videos, Etc.

Then there is 2nd part "Publisher" who will download or watch that content after login in admin panel.

First they have to register account and then they have to buy package. After buying package they can download content.

But when they download any content we need to assign license for that news. Its not any key or license. This will display in his account, How much news he has downloaded.

There is 4 types of packages

1 : Full Package – Here they can download unlimited video and article news.
2 : Video News Package – Here they can download unlimited only video news.
3 : Article Based News Package – Here they can download unlimited only Article news.
4 : Point quota based News package – In this package we will give you credit as he pay. and we will assign point to article and video news. Like we will assign 5 points to Article news and 15 points to Video News. So in user account there is 3000 point so he can use that point to buy license of that news to download news. and his point will cut as much they buy license news.

Another discussion we will do before we start project.

I want only in WordPress so please WordPress developer will apply to this job.

Deval Patel

Budget: $600

Posted On: April 20, 2022 19:13 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:API, Web Application, API Integration, WordPress, Web Development, PHP

Country: India

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