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I have a website with several blog posts ( and pages to download Chrome extensions. The current design is temporary although the site is live.
I wish to redesign it, based on general framing, that contains the objects that need to be put, rather than the order or quantity.
The website contains blog posts, product download pages (chrome extensions), general text pages (like privacy policy), and other templates that will be added later on.
Currently, the website is based on WP/Elementor, but I will probably ditch Elementor and create a custom theme, so we are not bound to Elementor widgets.

I don’t have a brand book or specific design guidelines, so any use of fonts, colors, font sizes, etc. There’s no logo and probably won’t be any 🙂

Suggested project milestones:
– kickoff- review wireframes
– Design homepage – establishing the general look&feel
– Responsive homepage.
– Revision
– Implementation on stage environment (my task)
– Fixings and smoothing the edges.
– Design internal templates (blog post, archive, product page, course page, etc.) and so on.

The project must be milestone-based (turn key) and not by the hour.
Please note your hourly rate and general time estimation for the first milestone. If you wish to slice the first milestones into smaller ones – no problem.

A portfolio with *relevant* projects is most welcome.

Posted On: March 29, 2022 06:03 UTC
Category: UX/UI Design
Skills:Web Design, Figma, UX/UI, Responsive Design, Website Redesign, Mobile App Design, Mobile UI Design, UI/UX Prototyping, SaaS, Landing Page, User Experience, UIKit, User Experience Design, UX Research

Country: Israel

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