Company Description:

One Source Direct is a software company in Wisconsin.  We serve small businesses across the country by providing a virtual information database which allows business users to post their needs and receive leads.

The WordPress website is pretty straightforward and we have some design updates in process, but we need a fix for the custom app.

Overview :

The paywall product licensing between WordPress and the custom-built software app is not functioning.

The following errors are occurring:

1) There is no distinction between a free product, base product, and pro product.

2) The license key is being issued to the user via woo commerce license generator – however, it is not correlated within the software – to each of the 3 virtual products.

What we need:

1) The structure of how everything should work is that when a user goes to the website, fills out an order form – they add a subscription product to the cart, which then triggers a license and payment requirement. The license and payment, when completed, grant access to the application.

2)  When the user returns to use the app, they log in with their credentials that are tied to a license. This allows them into the application.

1)What’s actually happening, is that the last piece of the signup process is broken. We can get the user to and get them a license, but the connection to the application fails.

2) Further, new licenses are being constantly added to a user, breaking any connectivity to the application.

1) Scrape everything and put all of the transactions and licensing within the app vs  between WordPress and App.

(Take out the middle man and plugins. Put it all in the app.)

This is extremely simplistic as there are likely dozens of calls between the website, plugins, and application happening during the process. Everything is rooted into one another for it to work.

1) If we remove or change one piece, everything needs to be tested because any changes will affect other pieces.

2) Azure staging site:

Rather than conduct the updates in the live app – Create a test environment in Azure

Pull code from application and install on new test environment.

This project requires a full stack .NET developer and someone with experience with Azure

We are looking for a Full-Stack .NET developer with AZURE experience.   You will be expected to:
• Collaborate with the Product Owner and strategist.
to  understand user issues and requirements.
• Troubleshoot, and test in an Axure environment.
• Communicate clearly and proactively, both verbally and in writing.
• Estimate work accurately and produce deliverables on time.

Budget: $1,000

Posted On: March 30, 2022 16:09 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:.NET Framework, Azure DevOps, SQL, .NET Compact Framework, WordPress, Azure App Service, Software Configuration Management

Country: United States

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