I have a wordpress website that I would like to improve the on page optimizations for. Site is https://www.resumego.net/

Main optimization plugin the site uses is WP Rocket

I am looking for ways to optimize the site’s onpage SEO (particularly for the main page, but for the site as a whole as well)

I am aware of pingdom, gtmetrix, google page speed – however I care far more about simply making the page faster and more optimal and less about the actual scores of these sites themselves.

When applying, let me know what exactly your plan is for optimizing the site – that will determine if I’m interested or not in hiring you.

I’ve set an arbitrary price because I am unsure how hard this will be and what the optimization technique will be. Feel free to further discuss it with me….price range will likely be between $50 – $200

Budget: $100

Posted On: April 02, 2022 01:13 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:On-Page SEO, WordPress, Web Development, HTML, CSS, Pingdom

Country: United States

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