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Hello Freelancers,

Last year I hired a professional team through Upwork to redesign my entire website from scratch. Sadly, some key members of this design team went on to other companies/opportunities and they were unable to finish the project.

With that said I need to find someone else now to accomplish this task for me. Here is the link they sent me of their previous work which blew me away. This is also what my website was supposed to look like. . They were going to create animations of all of my products and make them dance/spin and shift 3D side to side when clicked on.

Please check out the link for MA True Cannabis’ website and if think you can create something similar please contact me. Even if you can’t do the animation but can build a site that functions similar to this feel free to contact me too. I am trying hard to find one person or team to handle this but I am also open to hiring an animator and web designer separately.

I am currently powered by WordPress and Woocommerce. I use Elementor Pro along with a various other plug ins. I would consider switching to another platform or different plug ins if I had to. With that said I know its possible to build something like this using what I have to at least support its functionality. So if you think you can build something like this using different plug ins, programs or platforms too feel free to contact me and we will talk.

Please note that this is the second time I have posted this job listing. I wasn’t overly impressed with the responses I received the first time so I am hoping this time around will be different. I want to make it clear that I am looking for custom 3d interactive elements. I am NOT looking for cheap website tricks. I can do that stuff myself and I am far from a professional.

Please do not apply if you have never done anything like this before unless you are 1000% sure you can deliver. I know some people have the skills but have never had the opportunity to use them. The problem is I really need to know you’re capable of accomplishing the task before I hire you. Neil Patel says that anything can be done once successfully, but if someone can repeat that success twice then it isn’t just luck its skill. I need someone who is experienced and can work efficiently with the proper skills.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. My current website for reference is Please only contact me through Upwork. Do not message me through my website. Thank you!

Budget: $2,000

Posted On: March 11, 2022 18:00 UTC
Category: 3D Animation

Country: United States

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