I am looking for someone who is professional in web design, who also knows about UX design and graphic design. My website is too slow; there seem to be many problems (coding, image sizes, etc.)…I want to boost the speed with clean coding….
I want the website to score high in websites that measure and analyse the web performance…More importantly, I want it to download fast…I am gonna change all the images and the logo on the website, so you will need to tell me the characteristics (size, width, height, resolutions, etc) of the images…and I want you to solve all problems relating to the server hosting (if this causes the web speed to decrease…
The website is: moderatingpublic.com

Budget: $60

Posted On: March 21, 2022 22:09 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Web Design, WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Web Development, Graphic Design

Country: Jordan

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