We are an online company and integrated many existing services for different parts of our business. For instance:

– Cloudflare
– WordPress with a hosted provider
– Activecampaign for our email marketing
– Clickfunnels for our marketing funnels
– different SaaS tools for different business, editorial and marketing needs

Sometimes, the system may broke down and services may not work as intended.

We are looking for someone who can gather some technical info, and work with various different service provider support and some who accountable to identify the source of the issue and fix them, to ensure our uptime of our system and work as intended.

Please send us an application if you are a technical support, account manager, customer service, system administrator, system manager, devops, sysops, or service integration experts who can:
– From the symptoms, try to get more info and narrow down which parts of service might be at fault
– Contact the service provider support, and work with them and trying to resolve the issue. Follow up to ensure it’s fixed
– Good people skill to know how to work with the support, and understand how to navigate their process to get the problem fixed in timely manner
– Create monitoring and alerts to monitor all services to ensure all parts of our services are working correctly.

Hourly Range: $15.00-$35.00

Posted On: February 18, 2022 05:09 UTC
Category: Systems Administration
Skills:System Administration, System Monitoring, Cloudflare, WordPress, ActiveCampaign, Software Debugging

Country: Singapore

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