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We need to find someone who can help us build an interactive slider for a brand.

The slider would work similar to this

The idea is that each card will be a link to a category. The slider will spin using mouse scroll wheel. The slider should adjust to responsive.

The design is themed on space. So there will be asteroids around each card. These asteroids are just floating and move at a different speed to create the illusion of depth. These may be PNGs of SVGs, not sure.

The slider is full page. Top menu items will be above the slider.

The cards will move a little bit… sort of like orbiting. But when you put your mouse on a card, the card increases in size a little bit.. kind of like Macs bottom icon dock…

So let’s say we have 4 categories (islands). Chocolate, candy, sour and spicy.

North island is chocolate.
South island is candy.

When you put your mouse on the Chocolate Island, there may be some interaction like an animation or a title showing up, or something. But when you click on it, it will simply go to the regular chocolate products category. So all the interaction is within the map.

The most important things are

– The map and island should be responsive in mobile version.
– Big focus on performance. The example I think uses SVGs and PNGs. The faster it loads, the better.
– The interactive map will live in a WordPress site. This doesnt mean we need you to build a plugin. We can setup the code within a container, and have it call whatever JS via shortcode or whatever we need. But it must live in a WordPress site.
– We will provide graphics.
– You will not develop the entire site. JUST THE SLIDER.

The project is ongoing now. We need this ready by April 26th.

If you can find an example that you think is similar to what we are looking for, and you think you can do, you may also provide it.

We need proof that you can take us where we need. See my client review score. No problems with me 🙂

THank you!

Good luck.

Budget: $1,250

Posted On: April 20, 2022 23:58 UTC
Category: Front-End Development
Skills:HTML, JavaScript, WordPress, CSS

Country: Mexico

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