I need you to..:
1.) Install WordPress under the German web provider “webgo” (www.webgo.de) for my new German “comparison website” (only one page)
2.) Setup a simple layout with Divi for a draft version based on my attached layout specification.
I have bought a domain and for it want you to setup WordPress and create a draft version with Divi for a simple “comparison website”. The WordPress/Divi webpage should be hosted, created and designed under my existing webgo-contract (German webhost provider [www.webgo.de]) where I have currently also two other WP-websites.
In principal, the layout should look similar to this example: https://www.outdoormeister.de/fernglas-test/
For this layout, please keep performance and SEO aspects in mind.
You can find details of the layout in the attached Word file.

I would also appreciate, if you can sell licenses for a few Stock-Photos (e.g. for Adobe stock photos).

Budget: $200

Posted On: March 21, 2022 15:11 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Divi, Web Development

Country: Germany

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