Hi! SoulstealerBook.com needs a new web designer. It should be pretty basic maintenance stuff and the occasional improvement. At this exact moment, I have three needs:

1. Facebook Pixels has stopped worked and I cannot create new FB ads. My own troubleshooting has not been able to fix it. This is priority #1

2. The website still loads pretty slow, so some optimization is needed of both it and the plugins. I have premium of Yoast and a couple other plugins.

3. My second book is about to launch, so some front-end changes need to happen to show the new book that will release. I have all the pictures and media files for you to insert.

4. There are a few things about the webpage that has been bugging me, like the way the book is halfway in transition into the video trailer, and how the trailer plays at full volume. This is a low priority thing.

If all goes well, I’d be looking to keep you on a long-term basis to do periodic things that keep the website going.

Thank you.

Hourly Range: $12.00-$25.00

Posted On: April 01, 2022 01:01 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Facebook Plugin, Elementor, Mailchimp Plugin, Yoast SEO, WordPress

Country: United States

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