We have a website where we have analytics tags set up and various click ID’s detailed here:

But for some reason these are not firing in google tag manager. We have adroll, taboola, hotjar, etc.. which are firing properly though. Additionally, we had it triggering on clicks in a wider sense at first and this was working, but once we narrowed to the click ID we get no firings or some odd firings that don’t align with what we have set.

We are likely doing something wrong on the configuration and an expert I think would be able to spot this with a very quick look at the inspect source and what we have done in GTM.

Please help! Need resolved in the next 12 hours! (I will be available to take a call in 6 hours)

Paying $250-$500/hr for the quick resolution.

Hourly Range: $250.00-$500.00

Posted On: February 17, 2022 23:08 UTC
Category: Digital Marketing
Skills:Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics

Country: United States

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