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This could be a good money-making opportunity for the right person who can help me in getting a lot of work done In the coming weeks.

I have a large website (more than 1000 pages) that has been stripped of the Divi WordPress theme and switched to Astra theme and I will be using regular default WordPress (Gutenberg) for pages. I have about 300 to 400 pages which I have broken down into spreadsheets with links. Each sheet has around 50 pages.

This job is for the first spreadsheet only (51 pages).

I need someone to help me remove artifacts(lines of text) that are left over after I removed the Divi WordPress Theme and stripped out the shortcodes. It’s not much but it’s at the top and bottom of every single page.

In addition, you will need to copy and paste accurately the remaining content into the pre-designed Gutenberg blocks I’ve created.

I’ve timed myself going at a moderate speed on each kind of page. Most pages in these spreadsheets are fairly simple and I’ve averaged out the time it would take to be about 5-8 hours a sheet(could be shorter if you are great with Gutenberg & Html) and I’ve priced sheets at 10 dollars per page/link.

The average time per page for the 51 pages in this sheet is less than 6 minutes a page.

40% to 50% should take 4 1/2 mins – (delete the top and bottom content and copy/paste content into 1 – 2 blocks)

30% to 35% should take 1- 3 mins  (just delete the top and bottom content)

20% to 15% should take 5 -25 mins  (these will be mostly pages with many link blocks to copy and paste into and they vary in length)

This is a chance to earn some great money, I estimate 40 to 70 dollars an hour depending on how fast or slow you are? This is really simple work but you MUST BE ACCURATE in how you copy and paste, the content has to remain the same.

You will need to be familiar with WordPress Gutenberg editor and understand how HTML works (very important). There are some pre-made blocks that are Html blocks and if you don’t understand Html then you will be to redoing and correcting your mistakes.

This will be a very easy job if you really know HTML and the Gutenberg editor. I have written up documentation, screenshots, and how-to videos to make it clear what you will need to do.

You will have login access to the site and go at whatever pace you like. I expect this sheet to take 1 to 3 days(the same for the rest of them) to complete but it’s up to you. I am needing to have all 6-8 sheets done in about four weeks (this is only 1 sheet, the 1st one).

Please respond if you understand Html(don’t have to be an expert) and are fairly comfortable working in Gutenberg editor and would like to make some easy money helping me get this done.

Budget: $500

Posted On: March 11, 2022 16:12 UTC
Category: Web Design

Country: United States

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