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**Important** I already have a functional website, I am looking mostly for a fixed-price service for the addition of the features below. Only a couple semi-challenging ones, shouldn’t be a super long project.

I have a hostgator site running a wordpress theme on all pages and using an iframe to insert a form built custom in php. The custom php files need serious re-work, and there are a few other features I am looking for. I have created a word document which I will link here:


and if that has any problems opening or anything I’ll paste the text here:

*blocks are in place for spacing and reference, the samples are not made to be visually appealing*
Sample Profile Page: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1enXG1X7kfZQD7FrJFeg-LGV9tFmqmWRu7ayPSGEFy_4/edit?usp=sharing
Sample Post Page: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1Y5dzK9AjqLJOyWFQwUknbYjbI8k4eeKl6-OgU-keJsE/edit?usp=sharing
Current Site Homepage: r8gr8.com
Current Site Rating Page: r8gr8.com/rating/   *use username henrysmith in right-side form to view functionality*

Problems that need fixing/features we need (timely and important):
User signup database is not connected to the custom form database. We want users to sign up and instantly have a username in the form. This also takes away the need for the first form. (database knowledge required)
Forms require a username input. We want users to have the form on each of their user pages, automatically loaded with all the ratings they have and always being that user’s profile (no searching for users to rate them, you search for a user and then are able to access the rating form specific to that person on their profile page). (php, wordpress, and html knowledge required)
Need major reconstruction of the rating form. Essentially, form currently has 6 categories that cannot be changed. We want users to have the ability to choose and even create their own categories. The functionality of the categories would be the same (rate out of 10), but the categories themselves would be subject to change, and with a maximum of 10 per profile. Also, rating form on profile needs to have the option to only be accessed/used by ‘friends’. Lastly, forms need users to be logged in so that any user can only rate something once. However, the rating form should still be available after a user rates something so that they can change the rating by re-doing it.
On-site profile editing is not yet perfect. I am using buddypress and that may be the issue. We need a classic social media user profile page (complete with easy ability to edit one’s page)
Need users to be able to post pics, vids, text, or links. In addition to this, we want rateable categories for the post. Similar to how users can choose/make categories for their profiles, we would want them to be able to do the same but for their posts. There would also need to be a like button, like counter, comments, all that regular stuff, just in the event someone posts, say, a status update, and doesn’t intend for it to be rated, but rather just read. See sample profile and post pages for more info. Also, as indicated on the sample post page, a maximum of 5 categories for a post.
Two feeds, one composed of random (public) user posts (meaning posts from people that you don’t follow or aren’t friends with), the other for all of the posts from people you follow/are friends with.

Goals moving forward:
Restricting access to pages not yet available. Logged in users have the same access to all pages as logged out users. We would prefer users to be logged in to view most pages.
Google Adsense declined the site multiple times. This isn’t as time sensitive, but it will be important at some point. Would be a huge bonus if someone could do this.
A directing force on the site that guides new users through the process and highlights key elements and features of the site. We want it to be very easy to know where everything is and be able to edit a profile.
User blocking (which would remove all ratings they have given the user) as well as user unblocking
Followers vs Friends: We want both to be an option. People can follow anyone (except users that have blocked them), and without needing to request. Friending, however, would require a request to be accepted by the other user. This would allow for users to differentiate their post type (public vs friends only (for each post)). This would also allow for users to “subscribe,” in a sense, to people, making it so that they can see all public posts from that user in their feed. Friends would see their friends’ public posts in their feed too, but they would also see the ‘friends only’ posts that their friends have made.

Back to typing fresh now. If these seem doable, please shoot me a message including a *rough* price estimate. I’d also be happy to send along all the php files if need be.

Posted On: March 10, 2022 22:05 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:PHP, CSS, Web Development, HTML, MySQL, Database Design, Custom PHP, phpMyAdmin, WordPress

Country: United States

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