I am looking for a developer to help me fix several bugs on my highly customized BigCommerce store, as well as add a new feature. Our store sells live plants and works much like a flower delivery service website. We offer 3 different shipping methods – pickup, local delivery (within certain zip codes), shipping. Some shipping methods are only available for certain products and we are able to customize which shipping methods are available on a product basis in the back end. In addition, when you select local delivery or pickup, there is a calendar where you can select your preferred delivery or pickup date. You must select the shipping option before adding the product to your cart. We use a plugin called ShipperHQ for certain shipping customizations.

Here are the issues we are currently running into:

1. We used to have 2 pickup locations, now we only have one, only the one location shows when adding product to cart, but at checkout the other location is still showing for pickup for some reason.
2. When selecting pickup, on some mobile devices, I am not able to add the product to my cart. I am unable to identify why it only works sometimes.
3. If someone adds one product to cart with pickup option, and another product with local delivery option, the system gets stuck and does not allow them to checkout. I have a table showing how the system should work if a person selects multiple shipping methods. For example, if a person selects a product for shipping, and one for local delivery, it currently automatically shows local delivery at checkout. I have a table with different rules of how this should work.
4. The calendar that allows customers to select their pickup or delivery date is linked to certain delays on a category basis but we do not know where to customize this. For example, our floor plants take 7 days to produce so when you are selecting a delivery date, the first date that is shown is 7 days from today. We need to be able to customize this somewhere in the backend. We believe it was hardcoded by the previous developer we worked with but we need it as a field on a product or category basis so we can change it as necessary.

Our website url is: https://shop.plantthefuture.com/

Posted On: March 31, 2022 01:09 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Website Development
Skills:BigCommerce, WooCommerce, WordPress, Shopify, PHP, JavaScript, Mobile App, CSS, API, HTML5, HTML, jQuery, React

Country: United States

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