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First Fix Custom Server App then Redesign and Make it Bad-Ass Awesome

Have a custom server app (PHO and MySql) previously designed that has a ‘bug’ and needs to be fixed ASAP. After it is fixed, it needs to be re-designed and improved so it works much better going forward.

I am not 100% sure of how it works so need you to be the expert PHP / MySql Expert to figure it out: There is a cron file that runs every 5 minutes and calls the control file in which the entire functionality is designed.

Cron file only reads the bulk of emails and sends them towards the controller and further action is taken.

The app is basically designed to ‘read’ emails, parse the email data and store it into a MySql database — then perform some algorithms against a CRUD database that I load with data / then send out a client-side email

1) The email being sent out needs to be fixed immediately. Need to adjust the dollar value being sent out in the email – increase the number by 15% and round it to nearest $500.

2) Redesign the application so it all runs on my GoDaddy server. Currently, I have this application sitting on my GoDaddy Server but the cron calls a 3rd party server to run the Cron file – because GoDaddy wouldn’t allow the emails to be sent for some reason. I don’t understand why

3) As part of this redesign we need to update the CRUD database/data feeds so new data populates accurately as our dataset formats have changed. Maybe a cron to read data files in addition to the ability to manually load data. I have a user-friendly GUI login created for me that needs to be updated if any functionality changes.

4) even better would be to update this application by creating an online site that operates as a lead page ( copy the 3rd path lead site functionality I use now | ) then validates people’s emails and phone numbers / then take them to an online display rather than send out a client email.

The budget is $150.0 to fix the immediate code needs need then you can propose a budget to design a new  badass awesome application

Budget: $150

Posted On: March 11, 2022 23:08 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, WordPress, Web Development, HTML5

Country: Canada

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